We are the PTOLEMY GROUP 5! Our group seeks to increase awareness about the benefits of vaccination during this pandemic. And why vaccination is so important. The elderly, according to our data, are the most hesitant to obtain the vaccine. They are worried that the vaccine would weaken their immune system, causing their conditions to worsen. Sinovac, the most common vaccine imported into the Philippines, is also connected with a negative reputation due to its Chinese origins.The principal vaccine imported into the Philippines, Sinovac, is likewise associated with a negative image due to its origins in China.



Vaccines contain weakened or inactive antigens, which induce the immune system to react. Newer immunizations include the blueprint for producing antigens rather than the antigen itself. Although this weakened version will not cause disease in those who are exposed to it, it will prompt their immune systems to react in a similar way to their first reaction to the actual pathogen, whether it is made up of the antigen itself or the blueprint for the body to make the antigen.



Some vaccinations require multiple doses spread out over weeks or months. This is sometimes necessary in order to form memory cells and produce long-lasting antibodies. In this method, the body is taught to resist a particular disease-causing organism, and the pathogen's memory is built up so that it may be rapidly combated if and when it is exposed again.



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